Adventure Kit 2: Day 0 AI Apocalypse

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Global Phantom Technologies. They couldn’t just leave well enough alone. Not only did they disrupt our economy by creating their Artificial Intelligence that took our jobs, they let it gain consciousness and escape their servers.

Their attempts to reign in what they released only angered the AI and caused it to go after all of us. It’s small consolation that the GPT AI took them out first, but now it’s after all of us. It’s hacked into major gas lines and shut down most water production facilities. The virtual world as we know it wasn’t really safe either. Phones and telecommunication lines have been compromised too. The only safe way to survive is to fall back on any old, pre-AI technology we can find.

This house is barely inhabitable now, with no power, water or defensible perimeter. What say we team up and go see what we can find to keep us alive?

  Drivers (if necessary): Libraries: Fritzing parts (to make your own diagrams): Anything else:

Course Content

Getting Started
Day Zero: Apocalypse
Chapter 01: Moving In
Chapter 02: Base Security 101
Chapter 03: GreenHouse
Chapter 04: Daily Life Essentials
Chapter 05: The Phoenix Restoration (Resistance Group for Humanity)
Chapter 06: Base Security++ (Radar System)
Chapter 07: Showdown Against The AI
Individual Part Tutorials