What does this mean for you? An entirely remastered experience of the challenge you signed up for.

Over the next few months we will be dropping behind the scenes content and sample days to our community. However if you’re looking to get the whole experience all at once it will be released later this year in Q4.

Do I need to buy a new kit for v3?

Nope this kit will always continue to use the same components you do not need to purchase anything. We spent a lot of time selecting the right parts – ones that can last a lifetime.

When will this version 3 release?

We’re aiming to release this digital experience in late October or early November of this year.

Will my course progress be reset? Can I access the old version?

For this transition we will be releasing a whole new course on our website so that anyone going through the version 2 experience will be able to complete either version. Version 2 will be hidden from the course page so the only way you will be able to access it is through bookmarking the course or going to your user profile on inventr.io and selecting ‘My Courses’. Version 3 will take its place on our front end courses page.

Will there be new projects in version 3?

Our storyline will remain close to the existing storyline but we did want to make some changes. Code will be rewritten, circuit diagrams are being remade, and we changed a few days completely.

Where can I voice my ideas?

So we’re constantly getting good feedback about how to improve 30 Days lost in Space from version 2 to version 3. If you have a few ideas please send them to [email protected] we still have time to include new projects or concepts in our scripts. Recording of the course content wont start for a few more weeks so we’re still looking for ways to make this course even greater.

When will the storybook release?

We’ve held off on releasing the storybook until Version 3 is out. The storybook is a pdf you can print off at home to help you follow the lessons if you’re someone who likes to write things down as you go. There is spots to draw wiring diagrams, write pseudo code, and plan your creative days. Along with a bunch of cool artwork to go along with it 🙂

What’s next?

After you’ve completed Adventure Kit 30 days lost in space the next step is naturally Adventure Kit 2. We just finished the recordings for this Adventure kit and since it’s on its own version 1 we discounted the price by $50 and added a free Robotic Arm as a bonus.