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A shield is a board that can be added to an Arduino compatible board like the inventr.io HERO Board to give it extra functionality. The shield connects to the Hero board through the headers and pins on the board, and can add features such as additional inputs and outputs, communication interfaces, sensors, and more.

The inventr.io HERO Shields Pack contains two Arduino compatible “shields”; a Multi-function Shield (with a 4 digit LED display, 3 buttons, 4 LEDs and a potentiometer) and an LCD Keypad Shield (with an LCD display and 6 buttons).

This course will give you a brief introduction to the shield components and the software libraries used to easily write code for each component.

  Drivers (if necessary): inventr.io/drivers Libraries: inventr.io/libraries Fritzing parts (to make your own diagrams): inventr.io/fritzing Anything else: inventr.io/downloads

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