Day 6: Cargo Management Program

The Nebula Raider has just received a large shipment of supplies. As cadets, your task is to build a cargo management system using RFID technology to keep track of all items and ensure efficient management. By implementing this system, you will help the crew maintain an organized inventory, preventing any supplies from being lost or misplaced.

Components Needed:

Raspberry Pi Pico WH Microcontroller
MFRC-522 RFID Reader Module
LCD1602 IIC/I2C Blue Backlight Display
Jumper wires

Set Up the Circuit:

Connect the MFRC-522 RFID Reader Module to the Raspberry Pi Pico as follows:
SDA to GP0
SCK to GP2
IRQ to GP5
RST to GP6
3.3V to 3.3V
Connect the LCD1602 display to the Raspberry Pi Pico using the I2C interface (SDA to GP0, SCL to GP1).

Write the Code:

Open your coding environment and write the following Python code to read RFID tags and display the information on the LCD.

Test the System:

Upload the code to the Raspberry Pi Pico and run it.
Scan an RFID tag with the reader and observe the UID displayed on the LCD.
Ensure the system accurately reads and displays the RFID tag information.

Learning Outcomes:

RFID Technology: Understand how to use RFID technology for tracking and managing items.
Data Display: Learn how to read RFID tag data and display it on an LCD.
Microcontroller Programming: Develop skills in writing code to integrate multiple components with the Raspberry Pi Pico.
Extension Ideas:

Database Integration: Extend the project by adding a database to log scanned items and their details.
Alert System: Add an alert system using LEDs or a buzzer to signal when a specific item is scanned or when an unrecognized tag is detected.
Web Interface: Create a web interface to view and manage the inventory remotely, enhancing the system’s functionality.
By completing this project, you will have built an effective cargo management system for the Nebula Raider, ensuring that all supplies are tracked and managed efficiently. Your work will help maintain order and prevent the loss of valuable resources on the ship.

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