Day 29: Solving the MOST important problem

Ensuring that the crew of the Nebula Raider is well-fed and maintains a regular eating schedule is crucial for their health and efficiency. As the new commander, you are tasked with developing an automated food delivery system. This system will dispense food at set times each day and display meal times on an LCD screen, ensuring that no one misses a meal.

Components Needed:

  • Raspberry Pi Pico WH Microcontroller
  • Servo motor (e.g., SG90)
  • LCD1602 I2C Display
  • Resistors
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper wires


Set Up the Circuit:

Connect the LCD1602 I2C Display to the Raspberry Pi Pico using the I2C interface (SDA to GP0, SCL to GP1).
Connect the servo motor to a GPIO pin on the Raspberry Pi Pico (e.g., GP2).
Use jumper wires to make all necessary connections on the breadboard, ensuring a secure and organized setup.

Write the Code:

Open your coding environment and write the following Python code to create the food automation system.

Test the System:

Change the meal times to match your current time

Upload the code to the Raspberry Pi Pico and run it.
Observe the servo motor dispensing food and the LCD display showing meal times.
Ensure the system accurately dispenses food at the set times.

Learning Outcomes:

Automation: Understand the principles of automation and timed control systems.
Sensor Integration: Learn how to connect and use a servo motor and LCD display with the Raspberry Pi Pico.
Microcontroller Programming: Develop skills in writing code to create automated systems and display information.

Extension Ideas:

Multiple Servos: Add more servos to dispense different types of food.
Voice Alerts: Integrate a speaker to provide voice alerts for meal times.
Data Logging: Implement data logging to track food dispensing times and quantities.
By completing this project, you will have built an automated food delivery system that ensures the crew of the Nebula Raider is fed on time every day. This system will help maintain the crew’s health and efficiency, making life aboard the spaceship more comfortable and organized.

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There is an error in the wiring diagram.
The red wire on the LCD display is connected to the ground bus/row. (as is the black wire from the LCD)
The red wire from the LCD display should be connected to the other row (+5v) that is connected to pin 40 on the Pico.

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