Day 14: Pass this quiz or leave the ship

Objective: Build a quiz platform to test the knowledge of fellow cadets. This platform will ask multiple-choice questions and determine if the cadet passes the quiz.

To ensure that all crew members are up to the task, the new commander has decided that every cadet must pass a knowledge quiz. As a cadet, you are responsible for creating a digital quiz platform that will test your fellow crew members on various topics. This platform will help maintain a high standard of knowledge and efficiency aboard the Nebula Raider.

Components Needed:

Raspberry Pi Pico WH Microcontroller
LCD 1602
Push buttons (4 for navigation and selection)

220 ohm resistors
Jumper wires

Set Up the Circuit:

This circuit is basically the same from the previous lesson

Write the Code:

Open your coding environment and write the following Python code to create the quiz platform.

Test the System:

Upload the code to the Raspberry Pi Pico and run it.
Use the buttons to navigate through the quiz questions and select answers.
Ensure the LCD display shows the questions, options, and final score accurately.
Learning Outcomes:

Microcontroller Programming: Develop skills in writing code to create an interactive quiz platform using the Raspberry Pi Pico.
User Interaction: Understand how to create an engaging user interface with buttons and a display.
Knowledge Testing: Learn how to implement a system to test and evaluate knowledge through multiple-choice questions.
Extension Ideas:

Add More Questions: Expand the quiz by adding more questions and categories.
Store Scores: Implement a way to store and display high scores for multiple players.
Timed Quiz: Add a timer to make the quiz more challenging and test the cadets’ quick thinking.
By completing this project, you will have built a valuable tool to test and improve the knowledge of the crew, ensuring that all members are well-prepared for any challenges that arise aboard the Nebula Raider.

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