Day 13: Crew Activity Tracker

Keeping the Nebula Raider in top shape requires every crew member to contribute to daily chores and work tasks. As a cadet, you are tasked with creating a “Crew Activity Tracker” – a digital checklist app that allows crew members to keep track of their to-do lists. This app will ensure that all tasks are completed on time and nothing is overlooked, maintaining the ship’s cleanliness and operational efficiency.

Components Needed:

Raspberry Pi Pico WH Microcontroller
LCD 1602 I2C
Push buttons (4 for navigation and selection)

4 LEDs
220 ohm resistors
Jumper wires


Set Up the Circuit:

Connect the OLED display to the Raspberry Pi Pico using the I2C interface (SDA to GP0, SCL to GP1).
Connect three push buttons to GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi Pico (e.g., GP2, GP3, GP4) using a pull-down resistor configuration.
Use jumper wires to make all necessary connections on the breadboard, ensuring a secure and organized setup.

Write the Code:

Open your coding environment and write the following Python code to create the Crew Activity Tracker app.

Test the System:

Upload the code to the Raspberry Pi Pico and run it.
Use the up and down buttons to navigate through the tasks and the select button to mark tasks as completed or not completed.
Ensure the OLED display correctly shows the task list and updates the status when tasks are marked as done.
Learning Outcomes:

Microcontroller Programming: Develop skills in writing code to create a digital checklist app using the Raspberry Pi Pico.
User Interaction: Understand how to create an interactive user interface with buttons and a display.
Project Management: Learn the basics of task management and tracking through a digital checklist.
Extension Ideas:

Add More Tasks: Allow users to add and remove tasks dynamically.
Save Task Status: Implement a way to save the task status even when the device is powered off.
Notification System: Add a buzzer to notify users when a task is completed or when it’s time to start a new task.
By completing this project, you will have built a useful tool to help the crew manage their daily chores and work tasks efficiently, contributing to the smooth operation of the Nebula Raider.

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